Our Experts

inside-design-carpet-one-wenatchee-wa-aboutus-owners-photoJim, Pat, and Joel McDonald, Owners

inside-design-carpet-one-wenatchee-wa-aboutus-installation-employees-photoInstallation Professionals

We believe in flawless execution every step of the way, so our work continues after you’ve made your flooring selection. We are experts in flooring installation, and we stand behind our work with a “Life of Floor” warranty. You can rely on our flooring installation experts. After all, this is your home we’re talking about.

inside-design-carpet-one-wenatchee-wa-aboutus-joy-vanasscheJoy VanAssche, Design Consultant

Joy's experience comes from a background in custom home building, helping clients with interior and exterior finishes to complete their dream homes.

Marianne Story, Design Consultant

Marianne has a wealth of experience in cabinet layout and design.

Cherie Coe, Design Consultant

Cherie really knows her stuff when it comes to tile and kitchen & bath design.

Dan Palmer, Commercial Sales

Dan has extensive experience with commercial and residential flooring installations.

Karlene Mayer, Office Manager

Kristie Passler, Office Support

Karen Bass, Interior Designer

Paul Darrow, Scheduling & Operations